Server guidelines and rules. If you think something isn't allowed, check here!

Welcome to WitherNation!

Before you play the server and or post a thread here, please read the official guidelines for the server and forums.

1. No advertising at all!

2. No sexism / racism / discrimination.

3. No spamming!

4. No profanity / cursing, even if it gets blocked by the Microsoft chat filter.

5. No impersonation of staff, or other notable players.

6. No inappropriate / sexual behavior to other players.

7. Suicidal encouragement or telling someone to do something in real life that can harm them is strictly prohibited, and can result in a ban.

8. No abusive behavior!

9. Malicious threats will get your account suspended and IP banned.

10. Do not use excessive caps.

11. Staff disrespect or staff blackmail is not allowed.

12. If you find a bug, report it. If you try to exploit it, you will be suspended from the network.

13. If you attempt to bypass a mute or ban, your punishment could become worse. (Eg. IP ban if you ban evade or a temp ban if you try to bypass a mute.)

14. Do not use inappropriate usernames or skins.

15. Any use of hack or cheat clients will result in a temp ban. 3 temp bans, and your account will be banned.

16. Do not ask or beg others to buy / give you a rank.

17. Do not use an alt account or others accounts to grind kills or wins. Proof of this will get your accounts wins and kills reset and a temp ban.

If you do not follow the official rules you will be warned and or banned, so please follow the rules carefully!

About us

  • Founded in 2017, WitherNation is a Minecraft & gaming based organization that initially began off of Discord, dedicated to the YouTuber, PatarHD; the Discord community has continuously evolved and has even expanded to one of the greatest Minecraft: Bedrock Edition networks, and our very own official hosting service.

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