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  1. JustTal

    Halloween Scavenger Hunt Results

    fly hacks smh..... GG!
  2. JustTal

    Spooky new lobby! Weekly newsletters now back!

    Hello wonderful WitherNation! It's your self-proclaimed equally wonderful developer, JustTal! I'm very proud to announce that after our merge with the great team at WitherNetwork, we are now releasing a new lobby with a spooky theme to it! Feel free to log on, and explore the vast lobby, filled...
  3. JustTal

    Don't you hate life Eh guess it's just me

    Don't you hate life Eh guess it's just me
  4. JustTal

    Banned for hacking in server.

    This application has declined and closed for any new replies.
  5. JustTal

    Banned for hacking in server.

    Those are some legit skills and not hacks. 😂
  6. JustTal

    Wrong area to appeal, check the forums categories.

    Wrong area to appeal, check the forums categories.
  7. JustTal

    September - with more development!

    Hello everyone! The last few weeks have been development storms for our team - we've been working on removing all bugs around the network, fixing some cosmetics that haven't worked for a while, and a lot more! Once all this is completed, we will be announcing a new changelog with everything...
  8. JustTal

    Kit previews

    Great idea, I'll for sure look into something like that once I get all the bugs out of the way.
  9. JustTal

    Changelog for the week of August 18th, 2019

    Hello everyone! Today, we are releasing a new changelog for August 18th. Please read below to see what's new. - Added 4 new maps to SkyWars. - Added a custom built map to Duels, more coming soon! - Fixed the welcome message, now only sends on lobby join. - Made the MOTD bold and changed it. -...
  10. JustTal

    i need help 9+10 pls help

    21 smh
  11. JustTal

    Changelog for the week of August 11th, 2019

    Not sure, invite your friends to the website and there'll be more members!1
  12. JustTal

    Need Help!

    You can't, you have to either be active here on the forums or have an administrator like me set it. (Which I don't)
  13. JustTal


    The user reported was banned.
  14. JustTal


    Goodbye, we will miss you!
  15. JustTal


  16. JustTal


  17. JustTal


    Other duels gamemodes are for sure do-able, but we currently have plans on bigger projects. We'll consider it though!
  18. JustTal

    haha this is so epic

    yes. epic gamer forums.
  19. JustTal



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