Banned for hacking in server.

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elf enim

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Oct 11, 2019
Ign: AlmondNote31273.
Reason: I was banned for hacking on PatarHD's Server hacks: Fly,Critical,aimbot.
Offence: I offenced hacking and disturbed other players.
Who banned me?: JustTal banned for me hacking on PatarHD's Server and was offenced.
Proof: The staff said not to hack again and again but I didn't listen. So staff banned me for the undefined reason.

Discord: I don't have a discord, Sorry.
Other: JustTal, 😓 I did a big mistake for hacking on PatarHD's Server I knew hacking is bad, but I did I knewed it was bad for other players but it never forgetted me... 🤧 Ahh! Sorry I am sick I'm very ahhhh!!! I'm very sick. and I am appealing comformately. Please, you know you will ban me again and again if I hack please unban me, I'll never hack again I not advertised, I didn't spammed, but I hacked, that the case you banned me, 😟🤧, Aaaachi! 😭 Can you please unban me and HuStratAdmin? He didn't hacked even. He was a normal player, Legit Skills, No dieing.
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