Spooky new lobby! Weekly newsletters now back!


Technical Director
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Aug 5, 2019
St. Louis, Missouri
Hello wonderful WitherNation!

It's your self-proclaimed equally wonderful developer, JustTal! I'm very proud to announce that after our merge with the great team at WitherNetwork, we are now releasing a new lobby with a spooky theme to it! Feel free to log on, and explore the vast lobby, filled to the brim with easter eggs, puzzles, and more to explore! Big thanks to our WitherNation build team and the other WitherNetwork build team members!

Be on the lookout for new updates this weekend - yours truly will be debuffing some SW kits, fixing bugs, and dealing with a lot of things in the backend and don't forget to thank the builders

JustTal, Technical Director
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  • Founded in 2017, WitherNation is a Minecraft & gaming based organization that initially began off of Discord, dedicated to the YouTuber, PatarHD; the Discord community has continuously evolved and has even expanded to one of the greatest Minecraft: Bedrock Edition networks, and our very own official hosting service.

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